Tel. 91731.

2 Kenilworth Square
2nd Sept. 1943

Dear Austin Clarke

Thank you very much for your letter. I agree with you completely about the music. It’s a grand idea – – – a few suitable bars coming in here and there in the right places to suggest or heighten the mood. I’m delighted to hear that Arthur Duff is going to write the musical motifs. It is exceedingly kind of him

I showed your letter to my husband. He was very interested and said that of course we would guarantee against loss, so you can safely put me down as a guarantor.

I’d like very much to talk about the production of Bluebeard. Could you come in tomorrow evening, or Saturday afternoon or evening or Sunday afternoon or evening? I’ll be in all the time.

I’m going out to Bray on Monday for a week or perhaps longer. If this weekend does not suit you for a talk, you and Mrs Clark [sic] might come out and have lunch or tea with us in the Bray Head Hotel any day and we could talk to the accompaniment of the sea air.

Best wishes to both.

Yours sincerely,
Mary Devenport O’Neill

P.S. I hope Mrs Clarke will come with you whether it’s to be here or Bray.